Shuttle 1C (ages 8-12)

Competitive program for young players. Focuses on developing a strong foundation in advanced skill sets in preparation for junior tournaments.


Monitored conditioning, fitness assessments, skills and tactics, game analysis, and competition planning.

Participation at Junior “B” level tournaments are mandatory.   


Eligibility for this program is decided by Shuttlesport coaches.  Feather shuttles used.


  • October 11: Thanksgiving

  • October 16: Rising Stars #1

  • November 11: Remembrance Day

  • November 20: Rising Stars #2

  • December 20: Rising Stars #3

  • December 24-27: Xmas Break

  • January 22: Rising Stars #4

  • February 21: Family Day

  • March 12: SS Jr 'A'

  • March 11-25: Spring Break

  • March 26: Club Closed


  • Modified Conditioning is in place during COVID-19 times. 

  • All "C" players are to do their at-home conditioning program as provided by Coach Al, Performance Director. 

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