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What term are we in? When does the next term start?

For our regular programs (lessons not including camps), we split up the year into four terms: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. The winter term runs from January to April, spring term from May to June, summer term for the two months July and August, and the fall term from September to December.

Where can I park?

We have designated parking spots (labeled "Shuttlesport") in front of, to the side of, and at the back of the building. Please use these provided spots for parking and not any of the neighboring spots, or else you will be towed at your own expense.

Parents should drop off their kids at the front door. The viewing area upstairs is closed at this time to minimize congregational areas.

How long does it take for my racket to be strung?

We have a 3-day turn around. However, it may take longer if we have a lot of rackets to be strung.

If I join a program late, do I pay the full amount?

No, you will pay the prorated price for the remaining classes. We will not charge you for the missed classes. 

Do I need to purchase a membership even if I am coming for a few months?

Yes. A membership is required to access our club. It is an annual membership and the price is prorated quarterly. 

More information about memberships are found here.

Can I upgrade my Day Drop-in membership to a Full Drop-in or Full Program membership?

You will pay the difference for all membership upgrades.

I am interested in private lessons. Can I pay one class at a time? Does the lesson time have to be the same every week?

A minimum of 4 lessons must be paid at once for private lessons. 

It is recommended to have a set time each week; however, changes in time are permitted depending on the coaches schedule.

Refer to private lessons page.

Which membership do I need for private lessons?

Any Shuttlesport membership is acceptable for privates.

How many make-up classes can I have and when?

We can not guarantee everyone gets a make-up class as it depends on class availability.

2 allowed in 13-week terms (Fall and Winter)

1 allowed in 8-week terms (Spring and Summer)

More information found here.

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