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Spring Camp

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Our camps are run by NCCP certified coaches at our facility featuring state-of-the-art Taraflex and wood sports flooring that provides increased cushioning and comfort. We welcome all kids aged 7-18 to join us in our popular camp! No membership required!

At camp, players will learn and practice badminton techniques including:

  • racket grip,

  • footwork,

  • form and movement,

  • timing, speed, power, and strategy,

  • serve and serve returns.

Dates and Pricing

There will be 2 weeks of Spring camp, running between March 18 - 22  &  March 25 - 29, 2024

* August 2-5 (4 days August 1 Prices include a camp gift as well as a pizza lunch on the last day.

Two weeks of fun with friends while learning the wonderful sports
of badminton

Thank you for joining us for Spring camp!

Ages 7-18


March 2024, 18th-22nd  Badminton

March 2024, 25th-29th  Badminton


March 2024, 18th-22nd  Badminton
9am - 4pm  

March 2024, 25th-29th  Badminton
9am - 4pm  



You do not need an active membership to register or play!

To register, please download and fill out the camp registration form and email it to Optionally, print and bring the completed forms to the club during front desk hours.

When we have processed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.

Cancellation Policies for Camps

All cancellations done before the first day of camp (Monday of each week) are subject to a 20% administrative fee. If cancellations are 72 hours or less before the first day, we will not process refunds and cancellations.

Cancellations must be by EMAIL or PHONE (NO VOICE MESSAGE)

Frequently Asked Questions

My kid has never or rarely played badminton before, is this a good camp for new players?

Absolutely! We have had many first-time players join us in our badminton camps. Our NCCP certified coaches are experienced and will help everyone with learning the basics and with improving technical skills the players may or may not already have. We generally divide the students into their respective age groups, 7-12 or 13-18. The coaches will make adjustments to the groups if necessary to ensure your kid is challenged at an appropriate level and is having fun!

What do players/campers need to bring?

Please bring:

  • light colored sole, non-marking shoes, badminton or court shoes

  • badminton racket

  • water bottle

Optionally, you may want to bring a towel and wear a face mask.

Badminton shoes and rackets are available for purchase at our Pro-Shop. We also sell water ($1.25) and Gatorade ($2.00).

When can I drop off and pick up my child?

Please drop off your child at the front door and arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.

Pick up will be at the back door. Please ensure you arrive promptly to pick up your child.

A reminder that parking is limited to Shuttlesport designated spots. There are 5 spots in the front, 5 spots on the right side, and 12 spots at the rear of the building. Please do not park your vehicle in other company's spots as you may be towed.

What activities will my child do during camp?

Throughout the week, players will be learning new badminton techniques and practicing them in various individual, partner and group exercises. Kids will also be competing against each other in exciting matches. There will also be games of dodge-ball, tag, and other fun games. On the last day, we reward the kids with a pizza lunch and drink. They get to relax a bit and receive their camp t-shirt or gift.

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