badminton DROP-IN

COVID UPDATE - please refer to HOME page for updates

Effective AUG 18, 2020


Member safety remains a top priority at Shuttlesport.  We re-started drop-ins on June 5th and want to thank all existing members who participated in drop-ins, for cooperating with our Non-Contact Safety Protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19.


Our max capacity numbers are subject to the direction of  Fraser Health Authority.


  2. Must sign COVID-19 Participant Waiver for Club Access

  3. Payment:  Prepaid admissions only, NO CASH on site - buy a 5-pack strip ticket that never expires.

  4. All drop-ins are run in a game rotation style.  Using courts to practice, do drills, or run lessons is strictly prohibited.

  5. Updated reduced capacity:  MAX 24 - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  6. Minimum age for drop-ins is 16+. 

  7. Those under 16 are welcome on stat holidays & Pro-D Days - MORNING drop-ins only, or where stated.

  8. Everyone who plays, INCLUDING CHILDREN on Family Days, must have a membership to comply with Fraser Health Authority.  

  9. We reserve the right to I.D. individuals, so please be prepared to show your picture I.D. with a date of birth when asked.

  10. MORNING drop-ins: are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  11. EVENING drop-ins

    • Members can reserve their own spot PLUS ONLY 1 other member.

    • If we are sold out by the time you call, you can choose to be placed on a waitlist. The first 4 on the waitlist will have priority for the next drop-in if they confirm between 3:35-3:45 on the day of drop-in.

    • Cancellations must be done by 6pm or you are considered a NO SHOW.

    • Doors are locked 30 mins after drop-in start time.

    • If you are RUNNING LATE, please notify us in advance (preferably at reservation time).

    • If you are late WITHOUT advance notice OR cannot make it OR NOT checked-in within 30mins of drop-in start time, your spot will be re-sold & your name would go on the No-Show List & charged the $5 drop-in penalty.

    • NO SHOWS:

      • ONLY 2 NO SHOWS per season. 

      • More than 2 NO SHOWS per season = no longer reserve.  

      • All NO SHOWS will be charged $5 fee. Members who NO SHOW before, in order to play the next drop-in, they must pay the $5 for the date they NO SHOWed to settle their account.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  12. ONLY phone-in reservations permitted, starting promptly at 4pm and directly with staff (recorded messages are not considered at this time).


non-marking shoes are allowed.
NO black soles or casual shoes!

Non-Contact Safety Protocols (effective JUNE 5/2020)

Shuttlesport staff reserves the right to refuse admission or may ask patron(s) to leave if these safety protocols are violated.

1. PRIOR TO coming to Shuttlesport, ALL members must bring: 

  • A towel

  • A water bottle (water fountain & kitchen upstairs closed)

  • A glove (to be worn on the non-playing hand)

  • A face-mask (to be used when speaking to other players).

  • Non-marking shoes (as per usual).

We also sell these items if you forget to bring them:

-- Glove:  $1

-- Face-mask: $1

-- Water:  $1.25

-- Gatorade:  $2


  • Temperature Checks:  A staff member will be at the Safety Check-In area to take your temperature using a infrared thermometer scan (non-invasive and contactless.)  The reading needs to be 38 degrees celsius or lower.  Anything higher than 38 celsius is considered having a fever, and you WILL be turned away when this happens, for the safety of ALL our players and staff.

  • Handwashing If the thermometer scan reading is acceptable, the participant must then proceed to our washrooms to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

  • Disinfecting:  After hand washing, you will disinfect your badminton grip with disinfecting/sanitizing spray.



  • Please proceed to the one of the foldable chairs to put down your belongings. 

  • During breaks, NO SOCIALIZING!  All must sit and remain by their foldable chair. 

  • ABSOLUTELY NO SHARING of towel, water bottle, rackets etc.

  • Chairs will be sanitized after EACH session by the Shuttlesport staff.



  • Only through the back door of the club to minimize social contact. 


5.  Staff will be regularly disinfecting & cleaning all high-touch surface areas (front door

     handle, washroom knobs etc.) to ensure club cleanliness.


6.  Washrooms:  for emergency use only.  One (1) participant allowed at each time.

But common sense prevails…

  • If you have any flu or cold-like symptoms (regardless of how minor)  STAY HOME!   DO NOT come & risk spreading the infection to other players/staff.

  • If you have travelled & returned to Canada, please self-isolate for 14 days.   SAFETY FIRST!