badminton DROP-IN


Member safety remains a top priority at Shuttlesport.  We re-started drop-ins on June 5th and want to thank all existing members who participated in drop-ins, for cooperating with our Non-Contact Safety Protocols to limit the spread of COVID-19.


Our max capacity numbers are subject to the direction of Fraser Health Authority.

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  2. Must sign COVID-19 Participant Waiver for Club Access

  3. Payment:  Prepaid admissions only, NO CASH on-site - buy a 5-pack punch card that never expires.

  4. All drop-ins are run in a game rotation style. Using courts to practice, do drills, or run lessons is strictly prohibited. Games are played to 21 points OR sparring with partner 10 minutes.

  5. Updated reduced capacity:  MAX 28

  6. Minimum age for drop-ins is 16+. 

  7. Those under 16 are welcome on stat holidays & Pro-D Days - MORNING drop-ins only, or where stated.

  8. Everyone who plays, INCLUDING CHILDREN on Family Days, must have a membership 

  9. We reserve the right to I.D. individuals, so please be prepared to show your picture I.D. with a date of birth when asked.

  10. MORNING drop-ins: first-come, first-serve.

  11. EVENING drop-ins

    • Members can reserve their own spot PLUS ONLY 1 other member.

    • If we are sold out by the time you call, you can choose to be placed on a waitlist. The first 4 on the waitlist will have priority for the next drop-in if they confirm between 3:35-3:45pm on the day of drop-in.

    • Cancellations must be done by 6pm or you are considered a NO SHOW.

    • Doors are locked 30 mins after drop-in start time.

    • If you are RUNNING LATE, please notify us in advance (preferably at reservation time).

    • If you are late WITHOUT advance notice OR cannot make it OR NOT checked-in within 30mins of drop-in start time, your spot will be re-sold & your name would go on the No-Show List & charged the $5 drop-in penalty.

    • NO SHOWS:

      • ONLY 2 NO SHOWS per season. 

      • More than 2 NO SHOWS per season = no longer reserve.  

      • All NO SHOWS will be charged $5 fee. Members who NO SHOW before, in order to play the next drop-in, they must pay the $5 for the date they NO SHOWed to settle their account.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

  12. ONLY phone-in reservations permitted, starting promptly at 4pm and directly with staff (recorded messages are not considered at this time).

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non-marking shoes are allowed.
NO black soles or casual shoes!

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Non-Contact Safety Protocols (effective JUNE 5/2020)

Shuttlesport staff reserves the right to refuse admission or may ask patron(s) to leave if these safety protocols are violated.

1. PRIOR TO coming to Shuttlesport, ALL members must bring: 

  • A towel

  • A water bottle (water fountain & kitchen upstairs closed)

  • A face-mask (to be used when speaking to other players).

  • Non-marking shoes (as per usual).

We also sell these items if you forget to bring them:

-- Glove:  $1

-- Face-mask: $1

-- Water:  $1.25

-- Gatorade:  $2


  • Temperature Checks:  A staff member will be at the Safety Check-In area to take your temperature using a infrared thermometer scan (non-invasive and contactless.)  The reading needs to be 38 degrees celsius or lower.  Anything higher than 38 celsius is considered having a fever, and you WILL be turned away when this happens, for the safety of ALL our players and staff.

  • Handwashing If the thermometer scan reading is acceptable, the participant must then proceed to our washrooms to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

  • Disinfecting:  After hand washing, you will disinfect your badminton grip with disinfecting/sanitizing spray.



  • Please proceed to the one of the foldable chairs to put down your belongings. 

  • ABSOLUTELY NO SHARING of towel, water bottle, rackets etc.

  • Chairs will be sanitized after EACH session by the Shuttlesport staff.



  • Only through the back door of the club to minimize social contact. 


5.  Staff will be regularly disinfecting & cleaning all high-touch surface areas (front door

     handle, washroom knobs etc.) to ensure club cleanliness.


6.  Washrooms:  for emergency use only.  One (1) participant allowed at each time.

But common sense prevails…

  • If you have any flu or cold-like symptoms (regardless of how minor)  STAY HOME!   DO NOT come & risk spreading the infection to other players/staff.

  • If you have travelled & returned to Canada, please self-isolate for 14 days.   SAFETY FIRST!