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winter CAMPS


Thank you to everyone who signed up for Winter Camp.


The classes are now FULL.

Our camps are run by NCCP certified Shuttlesport Coaching Staff at our facility featuring state-of-the-art Taraflex and wood sports flooring that provides increased cushioning and comfort. 

At camp, players will learn badminton techniques including: 
  • Racket Grip
  • Footwork
  • Form and Movement
  • Timing, Speed, Power, and Strategy
  • Serve and Serve Returns

ONLY TWO Weeks to Choose From!

(camps are Tues-Fri)  

HALF Day Only:  1pm - 4pm

December 28-31   



January 4-7


Ages:     7-12  and  13-18

Camp Choice: 

HALF Day:   $100 + GST  (4 days) 

NOTE:  Although Shuttlesport is a private badminton club for members, these recreational-based camps DO NOT require a membership to be purchased.

The ONLY requirement is all have to wear NON-MARKING, indoor or badminton court shoes.  Meaning the part that makes contact with the floor surface cannot be black or dark.  Those found violating this will be fined $100.  No bare feet, flip flops, hiking or casual shoes.

Non-Marking Shoes.JPG

Once done, please take a picture/scan & email it back to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. My kid has never or rarely played badminton before, is this a good camp for new players?
Absolutely!  Our NCCP Certified coaches will divide the students into their respective age groups, 7-12 or 13-18.  If your child is geared better in the older age group, we can easily move him/her so can still get challenged and motivated. Ultimately, your child will be taught badminton techniques that challenge them to learn at their own individual levels and learning speeds.


2. What does my child need to bring to camp?

With the new safety non-contact safety protocols, every player needs to bring:

  • A pair of light colored sole, non-marking shoe, badminton or court shoes. 

  • A towel

  • A water bottle (water fountain & kitchen upstairs closed)

  • A face-mask (to be used when speaking to Coach or other players)

  • And a badminton racket.


If you do not have proper shoes or badminton racket, we sell these at our Pro-Shop


We also sell water & GatoradeWater is just $1.25 and Gatorade is only $2.


3. When can I drop-off & pick up my child?

With the new safety protocols, please drop-off your child at the front door.  Please be sure to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to check-in. 


Pick-up will be at the back door to minimize social contact as other small groups of students will be coming through the front door.  Your child will be waiting outside (weather permitting or bring an umbrella) & maintain the 6 ft. rule for physically distancing.  Please ensure you arrive promptly to pick up your child. 


PARKING IS LIMITED to Shuttlesport designated spots.  There are 5 spots in the front, 5 spots on the right side, and 12 spots at the rear of the building.  Please do not park your vehicle in other company's spots.  


 4. What activities will my child do during camp?

Typically during camps, players will perform badminton exercises, practice drills, and compete in matches against each other. 


Each day, we will break up our activity with a
short game of Dodgeball and other fun relay games!

On the last day, we will relax with pizza lunch & drink,
and hand out your child's camp T-shirt.

Updated November 23, 2021