SPRING 2020 Registration
Members Only Priority Registration starts March 1 - 7, 2020. 

  • Registration BY EMAIL starts Sunday, March 1 at 11AM
    (priority is determined by email timestamp). 
    To maintain fairness, we will NOT be accepting any emails sent earlier
    than the above stated time - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • IN PERSON Registration starts Monday, March 2 at 11AM

To be part of the 1-week Members Only Priority Registration (March 1-7), your 2020 Full Program Membership must be renewed/purchased no later than Feb 29.  Miss this deadline and you will be only be allowed to register March 8 onwards. 


Competitive "C" players must be invited & approved by the Performance Director. 

If you are not an existing student and wish to join our Shuttlesport Competitive Team, please email badminton@shuttlesport.com to arrange for an evaluation.

Shuttle 2C
(ages 13-18)

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