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Membership is required for ALL players in order to train at our Academy. 

FALL 2020 Registration
Members Only Priority Registration starts July 13 - 19, 2020. 

  • Registration BY EMAIL starts Monday, July 13 at 11AM. 
    (priority is determined by email timestamp). 
    To maintain fairness, we will NOT be accepting any emails sent earlier
    than the above stated time - NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • IN PERSON Registration starts Tuesday, July 14 at 11AM.


To be part of the 1-week Members Only Priority Registration (July 13-19), your 2020 Full Program Membership must be renewed/purchased no later than July 12.  Miss this deadline and you will be only be allowed to register July 20 onwards. 


SUMMER 2020 - classes start Sun, July 5!

Accepting ongoing registration

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FALL Registration:
Those with a valid 2019 Program Membership as of Sat, July 13, get access to the 2-Week Members Only Priority Registration between July 14 - 27.