FALL Registration:
Those with a valid 2019 Program Membership as of Sat, July 13, get access to the 2-Week Members Only Priority Registration between July 14 - 27. 

  • Those with a valid membership enjoy an early 2-week priority registration access to classes throughout the year.

  • For Shuttle 1, 2 and 3 students, enrol in a 2nd or 3rd set of lessons in the SAME TERM & the 2nd or 3rd set of lessons qualify for 10% off. 

  • Administration fee of 20% charged for ALL cancellations done before the 1st class.

  • NO refunds and NO cancellations AFTER 1st class.

  • NO refunds for missed classes. WHERE AVAILABLE, a MAXIMUM of 2 make-up classes can be scheduled in the CURRENT term.  Email to request for approval.

  • NON-Marking shoes or Indoor Badminton shoes only to be used on our courts.  No exceptions!

WINTER 2020 Registration:
Renew/Purchase your 2020 Full Program Membership Nov 1-15, & gain access to the 2-Week Members Only Priority Registration between Nov 16-30. 

SPRING 2020 Registration
Members Only Priority Registration starts March 1 - 7, 2020. 

  • Registration BY EMAIL starts Sunday, March 1 at 11AM
    (priority is determined by email timestamp). 
    To maintain fairness, we will NOT be accepting any emails sent earlier
    than the above stated time - NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • IN PERSON Registration starts Monday, March 2 at 11AM.

To be part of the 1-week Members Only Priority Registration (March 1-7), your 2020 Full Program Membership must be renewed/purchased no later than Feb 29.  Miss this deadline and you will be only be allowed to register March 8 onwards. 


Pre-Shuttle (ages 5-7)

The Pre-Shuttle 1 Junior Program teaches basic badminton forms and techniques.

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Shuttle 1 (ages 8-12)

The Shuttle 1 Junior Development Program is a fun way to develop proper technique and learn the game of badminton.   Comprised of 3 phases, each with a different skill set.

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Shuttle 2 (ages 13-18)

The Shuttle 2 program offers intermediate skills & focus on strong foundations of more advanced skills, game strategies, and competitive play.  Comprised of 4 phases, each with different skill set.

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Shuttle 3 (ages 15-18)

The Shuttle 3 Program is designed for teens of intermediate to advanced level.  It focuses on strong foundations of more advanced skills, game strategies, and competitive play in preparation for competitions & high school league.  Comprised of 3 phases, each with different skill set.

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Shuttle 3+ (ages 15-18) 

The Shuttle 3+ Program is specifically offered to those who want more of a competitive training environment with other elite players, but commit to only 2 days.  Must participate in all 4 Rising Stars Tournament etc.  Prerequisite:  Students MUST have passed PHASE 1 of Shuttle 3.

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Adult (19+)

Participants have the opportunity to work closely with coaches in a small group environment with other adults.  Suited to the beginner and intermediate level player.

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