badminton DROP-IN

Shuttlesport is a private badminton club offering members with AM & PM drop-ins running at specific designated times throughout the week.

Designed for those 16+, unless otherwise specified, our drop-ins are played rotational style, max 32 players on 5 badminton courts.

Non-Marking Shoes.JPG

ONLY non-marking shoes are allowed

at our club.  NO black soles or casual shoes!

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Please note that our schedule is subject to change to accommodate any club events, Spring Break, Summer Camps and Winter Break.



  • Members:              Annual membership (prorated quarterly) & $5 drop-in.                                                                Membership entitles you to a 10% pro shop discount.

  • Non-Members:     $10 each time & sign Non-Member Waiver Form.



  2. All drop-ins are run in a game rotation style.  Using courts to practice, do drills, or run lessons is strictly prohibited.

  3. Maximum capacity is 32 players - NO EXCEPTIONS!

  4. Minimum age for drop-ins is 16+. 

  5. We reserve the right to I.D. individuals, so please be prepared to show your picture I.D. with a date of birth when asked.

  6. Those under 16 are welcome on stat holidays & Pro-D Days - MORNING drop-ins only, or where stated.

  7. Morning drop-ins are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  8. EVENING drop-ins

    • ONLY phone-in reservations permitted, starts promptly at 4pm  (Cannot leave message).

    • Members have 1st priority & can reserve their own spot PLUS 1 other member.

    • If we are sold out by the time you call, you can choose to be placed on a waitlist (both Members & Non-Members included).  However, members get 1st priority even on the waitlist.   Meaning if any member calls to cancel, the 1st member on the waitlist gets offered that cancelled spot, even if a non-member called earlier. 

    • Non-Members who call in will be placed on the waitlist which will ONLY be active by 7PM (Tues & Thurs) and 6PM (Sat).

    • Cancellations must be done by 6pm or you are considered a NO SHOW.

    • Doors are locked 30mins after drop-in start time.

    • If you are running late, please notify us in advance (preferably at reservation time).

    • If you are late WITHOUT advance notice OR cannot make it OR NOT checked-in within 30mins of drop-in start time, your spot will be re-sold & your name would go on the No-Show List & charged the $5 drop-in penalty.

    • NO SHOWS:

      • ONLY 2 NO SHOW per season. 

      • More than 2 NO SHOWS per season = no longer reserve.  

      • All NO SHOWS will be charged $5 fee. Members who NO SHOW before, in order to play the next drop-in, they must pay the $5 for the date they NO SHOWed to settle their account.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


To protect our facility flooring, ALL players must wear appropriate footwear, i.e. light-sole shoes (non-marketing, non-black shoes), indoor sports shoes, or badminton shoes.  Casual shoes, flipflops, bare feet, hiking shoes etc. are prohibited. 


Any violation of this rule will result in a $100 fine.  Any damage caused to the facility by the participant will be subject to a minimum of $250.

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