Shuttlesport Membership

Join the community.


Shuttlesport members form a welcoming community united by a shared passion for badminton. We have a place for everyone: whether you are a beginner wanting to learn or an advanced player wanting to take training to the next level.


Annual Membership Benefits

Membership is required to play at Shuttlesport at this time. We have four different membership types, all renewed annually. The unique opportunities and benefits are shown below.

Full Program
8 & Under
Day Drop-In
Drop-In Only

Additional Note:​ Day and Full Drop-In Membership is available only to those aged 16+


Prices are prorated quarterly. Currently, new members will receive a 50% discount on the price shown (updated Aug.5)

All memberships are non-refundable.

Save 50% Now!

How to Apply/Renew for Membership

  1. Read through and fill out the membership registration form

  2. Read through and sign the Covid waiver

  3. Scan and email both forms (from 1 and 2) to

  4. When we have processed your registration, you will receive a confirmation email