Athlete’s Training Diary
Retail $29.99 +GST/PST/S&H

The Athletes’ Training Diary is a powerful resource for all coaches and athletes because it addresses complex issues such as physiological, psychological, and nutritional aspects of training and presents them in a practical, easily understood, ‘user-friendly’ format.

In addition to clarifying and explaining training principles, the diary provides an opportunity for coaches, and their athletes to carefully monitor their goals, their practices, their training sessions, and their competitions. The diary contains information from experts in the field. Including, Dr. Laura Farres, Carmine Morelli, and Steve Ramsbottom.

The diary features easy to locate color coded sections that will help you focus on specific areas:

  • Yearly Training Plan
  • Warm-up/Cool down
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Flexibility (exercises)
  • Core Conditioning (exercises)
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Monitoring Heart Rate
  • Daily Training Log
  • Mental Skills Training for Sport