The Badminton 2000 Plus manual has been compiled by Arif (Al) Mawani, a nationally certified badminton coach with an extensive coaching background that ranges from the ‘grass roots development’ to coaching at the international level. The purpose of this manual is to assist the instructor in introducing the sport of badminton to children of all ages.

Badminton 2000 Plus Manual
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Badminton Skills & Drills is a ‘hands – on’ instructional video covering the various skills required to develop a badminton player. The video is an effective tool for teachers/coaches of all levels. The video can be used for technical demonstrations, as an analysis tool, or as a drill resource. The drills that are shown can be adapted to the beginner athlete, all the way to the high performance athlete. Badminton Skills & Drills is ideal for schools, recreation centers, and clubs. (Approx. running time: 45mins.)

  • Grip/hand-eye Co-ordination
  • Long Serves
  • Overhead Strokes H Feeding Techniques
  • Safety H Short Serves
  • Net Shots H Drills
  • Underhand Clears

Arif (Al) Mawani, (Wimbledon Jr. & Canada Games Coach) & Anil Kaul (Canadian Olympic Team Member & National Champion) team up and give you the ultimate Badminton instruction. Al & Anil provide many drills & tips that have helped them achieve success in the past.

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